Web Hosting Service Checklist

Buying a hosting service is pretty much like buying a house. It is where you live, place all your valuables, your family and where your visitors would go.  So, your hosting service will house all the valuables and other collateral of your website such as photos, videos, sounds, write-ups and all other media items in […]

Elementor Pro – Ultimate WordPress Page Builder

Elementor Pro is the best way to design on WordPress and build beautiful websites. Improve your design workflow and create websites faster and better than ever before. Elementor LTD was founded in 2014 by Yoni Luksenberg and Ariel Klikstein. After selling their successful web design studio, they launched Pojo – Premium WordPress Themes. Since then, the […]

10 Best Monitors For Graphic Designers 2019

Gone are the days when graphic designers use analog color plates, physical rulers, cutters, mechanical pens and compasses to come with graphic design ready for press production. Nevertheless, we made most of time and technology to work in our favor, design warriors now brings the battle from the ever enduring cutting mat to a magical […]