Louise Paris

Welcome to our graphic design collaboration with Louise Paris, a distinguished licensed sportswear distributor representing renowned brands like Puma, Spalding, and Adidas!

Within this creative partnership, we’ve ventured into a world where graphic design meets sportswear excellence. Our projects have encompassed a diverse range of design elements, from captivating packaging designs to meticulous photo retouching. We’ve also crafted striking product brochures, informative product catalogs, and eye-catching Product PDQs for captivating displays at Costco.

To bring these projects to life, we’ve harnessed the creative power of industry-standard tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Additionally, we’ve added a touch of 3D magic to our designs using Cinema 4D and Keyshot, ensuring that every aspect of our graphic design work aligns seamlessly with the high standards of Louise Paris.

Join us as we explore the intersection of fashion, branding, and graphic design, where every project is a reflection of our commitment to delivering excellence and enhancing the visual identity of this esteemed sportswear distributor.

Designed For:

BrochuresProduct PackagingProduct PDQs

"Join us as we transform imagination into pixels, and pixels into your brand's unforgettable story!"

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