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Grapic Design Basics 2

Graphic Design Basics

Graphic Design Basics introduces students to an exciting and demanding field. Design is linked tightly to society as it both reflects and helps to shape the world around us. Designers are part of this dynamic, important process. To enter this field requires discipline-specific information, hands-on practice, and an understanding of time-honored principles. The fifth edition of this text continues to weave a concern for design principles with specialized information about applications in the field of graphic design. Consider Buying Official Copy. Download SHARE Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email Share on print Share on skype RELATED POSTS COMMENTS

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Ubuntu Font Family

Ubuntu Font Family

The way typography is used says as much about our brand as the words themselves. The Ubuntu typeface has been specially created to complement the Ubuntu tone of voice. It


Registry Easy PC Cleaner

You need a fast boot and fast shutdown of your PC unit? This hefty Windows application is pure gold. I have been using this since 2007. It has never failed

101 Activities for Teaching Creativity and Problem Solving 1

101 Activities For Creativity

Ideas are fleeting creatures. Sometimes they dart by and we capture them easily; other time they are more elusive and slip away into nothingness. Now they’re here, now they’re not.

Typography For Web Designers

Typhography For Web Designers

Script is one of the oldest cultural assets. The first attempts at written expressions date back more than 5,000 years ago. From the Sumerians cuneiform writing to the invention of the Gutenberg

Web Design Workflow Head Image

Web Designer Professional Workflow

This article will dive into the legal aspect of web design with a focus on the legal documents that are necessary to successfully conduct business as a freelancer. While often considered a

Rockstar Business Modeling

Rockstar Business Modeling

Reflecting on who you are and why you’ve been (relatively) successful isn’t a task for the faint-hearted, as I’ve discovered whilst writing this book. When you’re focused on working away

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