How to Add Multiple Email Selection in a Single Contact Form with Elementor Pro

According to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Intellectual Property refers to the creation and labor of the mind, including its fruition. It could be inventions, artistic and literary works, symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce. So, when someone came up with an epic or novel artistic creations, it can be protected in various ways and in many levels. This can be Patents, Trademarks or Copyright. But what are they exactly and how are they any different?

For WordPress Designer that uses Elementor Pro who happen to have a project where the client has multiple emails for different company department, this is a serious headache when you are trying to develop a contact form.

Typically, one contact form can only entertain single email on the front-end. Which means, if you or the user send a message through a website contact form, that message goes to a certain email address corresponding to the email assigned on the backend of the form.

But what if, a company has departments with respective emails each? Intuitively, as a designer, you will create separate contact forms for each email. Say, one contact form for, another for, and another for It’s not forbidden to do as such. But can you imagine the length of work and number of maintenances you will do if in case the company has like, 10 dedicated emails for each department?


In this tutorial, we will resolve that issue using Elementor Pro’s advanced feature within the Form Widget – the Select feature. We will resolve the issue where you need to create several contact forms for each company’s email. The resolution will be just to create a single contact form and the user will just instead select the respective email using a select and dropdown field.

Note: This tutorial presumes that you have a working knowledge of WordPress as well as the theme builder Elementor Pro. This also, presumes that you have designed and setup your contact form initially – Name, Email, Contact Number, Message, etc…

The following step will be very important. Follow as instructed.

In the Options field…

General Inquiries|
Accounts Inquiries|

Note: After the label/title don’t forget to place the “|” mark or the Pipe Symbol. Then immediately followed by the email – no spacing. Put as many emails as you can

The rest of the field is presumably filled-up by you.

You should now be able to select respective email from the dropdown and the email will receive the intended inquiry.

Note: However, this tuts may or may not work for you depending on your setup, app version and installation. WordPress as well as the corresponding theme builder is dynamically updated. Check on it every time.





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