Rockstar Icon Designer
Rockstar Icon Designer

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words!

With roots stretching as far back as the 1970’s, the humble icon has come a long way. Evolving from black and white representations of office items into beautifully rendered illustrations of objects, symbols, characters and the same office items from the very beginning, icons have become a visual language that is understood the world over.

Where a picture will tell a thousand words, a computer icon informs, educates and reassures its audience. Because icons are used for such specific purposes, creating a successful icon design is more of a science than an art.

First I will begin by discussing the history of icon design and highlighting the milestones in icon design that have shaped the way we use them today. Take a look at rendering styles and file conventions then move onto design specific theory before wrapping up with some demonstrations of the process used to create specific icon styles.

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