Top 10 Freelance Websites For Designers


Freelancing is heaven for people who want to have more of their time, instead of their time having more of them. As we all know, that freelancing offers us the luxury of choosing what work we like to take, in what time and in what place we like as long the collateral needed is not an issue – power and internet.

Pexels – Pro Bono Media Contents


The website offers hefty loads of superbly quality photos and videos to your hearts content. The photos are highly screened by the management from the contributors before being placed for free to be used with fantastic copyright exemptions.

10 Best Monitors For Graphic Designers 2019


Gone are the days when graphic designers use analog color plates, physical rulers, cutters, mechanical pens and compasses to come with graphic design ready for press production. Nevertheless, we made most of time and technology to work in our favor, design warriors now brings the battle from the ever enduring cutting mat to a magical digital platform – a computer monitor.