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Welcome to a world where innovation meets functionality, and creativity knows no bounds. ADAMS Project specializes in the art of crafting stunning, dynamic, and user-centric websites using the power of WordPressElementor ProCrocoblockWooCommerce, an array of cutting-edge plugins and other web technologies.

ADAMS Project specializes in creating websites for small and medium business in different plethora of products and services. 

The Web Designs & Development offered but not limited to:

Is widely known profit website for products & services. A website integration that lets the owner sell & receive payments for products/services online.

BEST FOR: SMEs, Corporations.

For every company – small, medium or multinational. Usually an info site for the company’s profile, products & services, terms and conditions and more.

BEST FOR: SMEs, Corporations.

For news agencies & media companies. This kind of website has highly dynamic contents as news & views are constantly & regularly inputted on a regular daily basis.

BEST FOR: News Companies, Media Agency.

Personalized website for individuals who want to make known immortalize personal experiences through blogging.

BEST FOR: Individuals, Bloggers, Writers.
INCLUDES: Domain & Hosting.
STARTS AT: PHP40,000.00

A specially designed website to showcase an individual or company accomplishments, skills and brainchild. Also serves as promo site for products and services.

BEST FOR: SMEs, Skilled Individuals, Freelancers.

For Travelogues and organizations who need to promote travel-worthy places and spaces. Promo website for tourism and tourists spots.

BEST FOR: Tourism, Vloggers, Bloggers.

To showcase & Promote academic features, clerical info, curriculum, schedules or any schools and universities.

BEST FOR: Schools, Universities, Online Academe.

Caters for organizational profiles, mission and vision, schedules, fund-raising efforts and more. A must for organizations to disseminate awareness towards their goals and efforts as organization.

BEST FOR: Organizations, Institutions, Non-Profit, Foundations.

Custom Social Media site pretty much like Facebook and Tweeter, only that it is dedicated to closed organizations or company that needs to differ from the mainstream.

BEST FOR: Organizations, Companies.

A custom website specializing in group discussions, sharing ideas and solutions shared by closed group or company moderated by Administrators.

BEST FOR: Companies, Organizations, Academics.

A custom web page specializing into engaging visitors with a goal to generate sales leads for certain products or services. Usually features call-to-action sales write-up and button.

BEST FOR: SMEs, Start-Ups, Marketers.

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We create websites with raw talent, creativity and sharp technical skills. Thus, features are the brainchild of our persistence to quality websites as we know it. Here are handfuls of features from creativity to security.


Well-Thought Designs

Well-thought designs that comes from the designers creative prowess, using top of the line creative tools with the end-users being in mind. Learn more →  


Mobile Responsive Designs

For maximum browsing satisfaction, each website we design are quality checked for mobile responsiveness as mobile phones are the next generation browsers of mobile individuals.  Learn more → 


Latest Web Technology

Latest Web Design and Development technology is deployed in every design created to ensure maximum compatibility in development as well as the end-users. Learn more →  


Optimized for load speed

With decreasing attention span of website visitors, page load speed is ensured for users who browse on both desktop and mobile device. Learn more → 


Custom level web security

Web security is a must to all website we create, most especially those selling and accepting payments online. We deploy SSL for this matter.  Learn more → 


Competitive Web Hosting

Hosting is safe haven for your precious contents. So, hosting and domain is well chosen to ensure security, speed, uptime and customer support. Learn more

Integrated Plug-ins and Applications for your website makes your website more efficient and specialized at your beck and call. You can let it be your cash cow, your brainstorming hub, a wailing wall and more. Here are some of the mostly used integration on every website.
Booking System
Email System

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