ASJMS Class Reunion

Commissioned to do Branding for a Class Reunion Event.

This project was a sentimental journey down memory lane, as I had the privilege of crafting a visual identity that celebrated the enduring bonds of this alumni community. To capture the spirit of ASJMS, I used the school’s official green and white colors as the foundation of the project’s design palette. These colors paid homage to the school’s heritage and served as a visual anchor for the entire branding.

The heart of this project was the creation of a cohesive visual identity that could be seamlessly applied to various elements, including a logo, T-shirt design, backdrop, ballpen, program handbook, and ref magnet. Each piece aimed to encapsulate the essence of the reunion – the camaraderie, memories, and shared experiences of the Class of 2002.

To accomplish this, I employed Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, leveraging their versatility and precision to bring my designs to life. This project was a labor of love, reflecting the power of design to evoke deep emotions and memories, and I invite you to explore it in my portfolio to share in the celebration of this remarkable reunion.

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