Jacob Gutman

Welcome to our exciting product branding design project in collaboration with Jacob Gutman, hailing from the vibrant landscape of Israel!

Jacob’s diverse range of products includes sports earphones, an Amazon store, and a captivating line of children’s toys. To amplify their appeal in the market, we’ve embarked on a comprehensive branding journey together.

Our creative endeavor has given birth to distinctive product brands such as Dreaminex SounTouch, Dreaminex Sportune, Mobius Toys, and Amazing Offer. In our quest to bring these brands to life, we’ve meticulously crafted logos that encapsulate their essence, designed eye-catching packaging that entices buyers, and produced user manuals that enhance the overall product experience.

Our design process has been fueled by the powerful tools of Photoshop and Illustrator, enabling us to turn concepts into visual masterpieces. Through a harmonious blend of creativity and precision, we’ve succeeded in not only enhancing the visual appeal of these products but also conveying their unique identities to customers.

Designed For:

BrandingLabels & PackagingLogosPhoto Retouching

"Join us as we transform imagination into pixels, and pixels into your brand's unforgettable story!"

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