Containing Guides Inside Artboard In Illustrator

Have you wondered how and why those Adobe Illustrator guide lines are exceeding the artboard work area? Maybe yes, and maybe not – I just can guess.

But if ever you wanted those line to be contained just inside the adobe illustrator artboard so that it won’t mess-up the whole work area, then dig in to this quick guide for you.

1. Open Adobe Illustrator as we typically do. Decide on what size of artboard you want.

2. Now, before you do a dragging spree of those mighty guide lines do this – hit SHIFT + O (You must see the edges of the artboard gets activated) then drag those guide lines according to your desired position. 

3. You can see that the guide lines are now confined inside the artboard instead of the outside.

4. Hit ESC to get back to the work proper.

BONUS! Do you know that you can rotate those guides too? Some of us thought that we can’t achieve diagonal guide lines. But it’s doable. Simple…

5. Select one or several guide lines by Holding SHIFT then choose guides you want to rotate. Chosen guides usually turns blue.

6. Click-Right -> Transform -> Rotate.

6. From here you can input your desired metrics. Mine is 45 degrees. You can click Preview if you want to see changes immediately. 

You can alternatively turn/play with the knob for more specified guide positioning.

You now have your diagonal lines. Enjoy!




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