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Ideally it is best to migrate your website using the receiving host’s proprietary migration tool or either way. You’d like it best knowing that something that is so complex and intimidating even to a seasoned developer, is just few clicks away. However, it’s not all the time that the technical odds will be by your side. In cases, where migration tools refuse to cooperate and fails to migrate your website. There is actually a work around. So, don’t lose hope just yet. I even discovered this stuff painstakingly.

In this tutorial, we will be using SiteGround as our destination host, while the point of origin will be any other host like GoDaddy who are still using typical cPanel and user interaction board.

1. Setup Domain and Website Root Directory

In this setup, you need first to put up your domain and your website root directory where your backup files from another host will be placed. Learn to setup your domain here. As well as learn to setup your website here.

2. Backup files from Old host

Login to your old host cPanel » Click File Manager » your files are usually inside it “public_html” folder. You can either click-right the public_html folder itself then archive it or get inside it and then Select all files » Click-Right » Compress/Archive » Save as Zip

Note that Zip is the a default archiving file extension across the board where almost all platform understands. Other than that, you’ll at risk running into extracting conflict.

After archiving, download the file in a separate folder.

3. Database Backup

Go back to cPanel. On the Search field type “Backup” » Backup. List of Databases will be displayed. Choose and click the database of your website and save to the folder where your website files have been saved recently. So, there should be two files now. Website backup and the Database backup. These are two very important files.

4. Upload Backup Files and Database

Go to your SiteGround account. Click Websites » Site Tools » File Manager » public_html » Click File Upload Icon » then upload the backup you have just saved. Then next, upload Database backup.

After upload, Click-Right on the zip file then Extract. Make sure that the files are on the “public_html” folder. If it is not, select all the files that have been extracted, then Click-Drag all files to public_html folder.

Look for the file named: wp-config.php. Click-Right, then Edit.

5. Create New Database and Username

Duplicate your browser Tab. Click-Right on the Tab, then click Duplicate. So, the original Tab is for the wp-config.php active tab and the second tab is for the Database creation tab. In the new tab, select Site » MySQL » Create Database.

Now, this is IMPORTANT! A random database name will be generated. Copy that name and paste it in the wp-config.php where it says ‘DB_NAME’. You can add label to your Database, so you know which is which when databases increases in number.

6. Import Database Dump

After creating Database, click the 3 Dots at the end below “Actions” column and then » Import Database Dump » Browse. Now, navigate to public_html folder where you have upload the SQL Database or wherever you might have uploaded it. Then click Select.

7. DB User and Password

After that, click Users tab (after Database tab) » Create User.

This is very IMPORTANT again. Username and Password are generated automatically. Copy them respectively and paste them in the wp-config.php file where it says ‘DB_USER’ and ‘DB_PASSWORD’.

You can label your user name by clicking on the 3 dots at the end of the rectangle.

8. Add Database to Username

And last but not the least, at the username click the Database Icon » click Confirm.

Get back to your wp-config.php active window and don’t forget to hit Save.

Your transfer should be successful now and your website starts rolling.

Some other host may not share this technique as they are offering themselves manual website migration for a fee. You know of course!




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