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According to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), Intellectual Property refers to the creation and labor of the mind, including its fruition. It could be inventions, artistic and literary works, symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce. So, when someone came up with an epic or novel artistic creations, it can be protected in various ways and in many levels. This can be Patents, Trademarks or Copyright. But what are they exactly and how are they any different?

You might sometimes want to download certain images in the internet which you can only, and only you can find on paid photostock websites such as ShutterstockiStock Photos and GettyImages. Though we all know that google has myriads of photo stocks to choose from, you are restricted to its availability and limits if it happens that the photo you need is specific and certain.

Well then, you turn your head to those premium photo stock websites. No problem. The big but is, you have to pay – shell out your credit card and go through the hassle of paying.

Right here is a quick turn-around if you really need to download certain photo for your projects.

Note however, that the result is probable and not always certain that you’ll get the exact photos you need. It depends if it might be that someone else have uploaded similar photos to the internet that is why it became available outside of the photostock websites.

You are highly encourage though, to buy legit as content creators could have spend an arm and a leg to come up with such content.

Let’s proceed…


For this example, we use Shutterstock, but you can use any photo stock sites.  Open both Google and Shutterstock for the first instruction.

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In Shutterstock, look for the desired image, click on it then “Save As…“. You might notice that the photo you have saved is low resolution and has watermarks in it. We don’t want that. 


Go to Google Click Images > Click the Camera Icon on the search bar > Click Choose File. Then Upload file desired.


From the results, you can see options of all sizes, let’s choose the “Large” image size.


You can now download different sizes you need to use with your projects. 

Remember however, that results on this may vary. And even if you find it, it still might be subject to copyright. Sometimes you would be better off buying the photos from the respective sites.

If your need for certain footage is not so specific, there are a lot of photo sharing sites in the internet that guarantee free usage of high resolution and quality images.

You can visit: Pexels and Pixabay for that matter.




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