Web Hosting Service Checklist

Buying a hosting service is pretty much like buying a house. It is where you live, place all your valuables, your family and where your visitors would go. 

So, your hosting service will house all the valuables and other collateral of your website such as photos, videos, sounds, write-ups and all other media items in place.

In cohorts to that, your domain will point all your visitors to all those materials. Your domain name is the address of the house.

Where host is for the house, domain is for the address of your house. And you really want to have a best place to stay if you want to bet you welfare on it.

It’s no different in having the best hosting service for your website – especially if it’s an e-commerce website.

So, today we bring you checklist before you dive into any hosting services.

Check this out!

1. Hosting Offer

There are handfuls of hosting types out there. Your own responsibility is your own due diligence. Most common hosting types are Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Shared are much preferred by small to medium business, Dedicated are for corporations and big businesses. Shared hosting is like renting a bed space in a single room.  A bed spaced room is usually a single room rented and shared by many. While dedicated hosting is renting a single detached real estate.

2. Customer Support

Don’t mess this up. If ever you find a hosting with superb customer support, and of course coupled with excellent hosting service, keep them up. They’re worth your thumbs. Because being the jack in the server side is a pain in the butt, you’d be better off with a knowledgeable support whenever and wherever.

3. Features

Bee keen on the features of different hosting companies. Some are obvious. While this company offers unlimited domain installation and others do not at almost the same rate – you can only hypothetically rationalize why.

But of course be vigilant in everything. They might be good at this but poor at that. Ok.

4. Location

More often and obvious is your location. You may want to prefer a hosting service where hardlines and data center are located in your localities. Servers that are too remote will have a much longer travel time for data your to reach you.

5. Security

Security is key. The internet is a very volatile environment because of its popular and public nature. So, if you want your valuable data safe and warm, make security as one of your non-negotiable list in chosing your host. Most especially if you’re running an e-commerce site. Inquire for there security features.

6. Price

Be very prejudiced when it comes to pricing. Just because it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean that it’s worth it. Our mental reflex always question things when it’s expensive, but not when it’s cheap. Well, cheap is not a guarantee for a quality hosting. Of course, if it’s cheap and hefty then jump in.

Remember, due diligence is the best policy when it comes to choosing your hosting service. No one fits all type of hosting. Sometimes it’s just a matter of favorite and personal call of convenience.

And oh, by the way. Did you read me that more often hosting preferences are personal, experiential and emotional? Let me hit you with my own hosting biases. Below are some of my recommended hosting companies/services:




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